Milwaukee County Dental Access Directory

The Milwaukee County Dental Access Directory has been created by the Milwaukee Oral Health
Coalition (MOHC) with support from the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership. The purpose of
MOHC is to develop and implement a community-wide plan, which evolves based off of need,
to improve access to preventive, routine and urgent dental health services for low-income,
uninsured and patients enrolled in Medicaid in Milwaukee County by building upon the existing
strengths and best practice models.

This directory aims to advance our purpose by providing the community with a place to find a
variety of dental clinic access information including the location, hours, payment practices,
languages spoken and types of dental services provided.

We recognize that the information and services available through these clinics may change, and
we will work to keep the information as up to date and relevant as possible. We also encourage
users to confirm the information directly with community clinic partners prior to making a

The directory is housed on the oral health page of the Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin
website. The most up to date copy can be found here.

For more information, or to add or update clinic directory information, please reach out to
Lindsay Deinhammer at the Alliance.

Thank you to our partners and colleagues that have contributed to the development of this