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Emergency Department Care Coordination Initiative – More than 50,000 referrals since 2009

The Emergency Department Care Coordination (EDCC) Initiative seeks to decrease avoidable ED visits and related hospitalizations, and to reduce duplicative ED tests and procedures for Milwaukee’s low-income, vulnerable populations.

One EDCC strategy is the ED to Health Home model, which connects high-risk individuals with primary care health homes and other resources, including behavioral and oral health care.  This community-wide initiative allows Milwaukee’s eight, adult EDs to refer patients to over 20 safety net clinics.

How are we doing?

  • The 47% “show rate” of referred patients attending their follow-up appointment is higher than several national studies on ED to primary care referrals.  This success is attributed to effective hand-offs between the EDs and health homes. Patients receive coaching in the ED about the importance of primary care follow-up, and the safety net clinics reach out to patients in advance of their scheduled visit.
  • A 53% “stick rate” shows that the more than half of the referred patients who attend their follow-up appointment become established patients at their health homes.

Aided by technology

  • MyHealth Direct, a web-based scheduling tool, allows ED staff to schedule a follow-up, primary care appointment for the patient, during their ED visit.
  • WISHIN, the Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network, is the health information exchange where ED and safety net clinic providers can look up and share information about the patient, including other ED visits and test results.

To learn more – see the  EDCC Fact Sheet

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