What You Need to Know

MKEN logoAdequate and affordable health insurance coverage is the gateway to health care access, and improving the health of individuals and our community.

While the Affordable Care Act has improved health care coverage and reduced the uninsured rate, complex eligibility and enrollment processes call for a community-wide plan to help individuals understand, buy and keep health care coverage.

With more than 30% of Milwaukee County residents eligible for Medicaid (BadgerCare), and tens of thousands eligible for subsidies in the health insurance Marketplace, members of the Milwaukee Enrollment Network (MKEN) are working together to facilitate consumer outreach and education, and provide enrollment assistance to residents in our community.

MKEN is a consortium of more than 100 organizations supporting the enrollment, and re-enrollment, of eligible individuals in public or private insurance with a focus on low-income, vulnerable populations. It is co-convened by the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership and Covering Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Enrollment Network Goals:

  • Facilitate consumer and mobilizer outreach and education
  • Build the capacity and capability of the enrollment assister workforce and infrastructure
  • Assist with insurance enrollment and renewal
  • Measure and monitor coverage and enrollment processes and outcomes.

Helpful documents:

Calendar of Enrollment Events in Milwaukee (PDF)

MKEN Coverage Dashboard (PDF)
Enrollment Directory | November 2016 (PDF)
Insurance FAQs (PDF)
Milwaukee QHPs & Participating Providers (PDF)

MKEN Accomplishments April 2016 (PDF)